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Top Personal Trainer 2019 by FIT AWARDS, UAE

Abhinav Malhotra has been recognized as the top personal trainer in UAE (Dubai & All Emirates) by the prestigious FIT AWARDS 2019. Abhinav has been an Elite Master Personal Trainer at Fitness First in Dubai, UAE.

Abhinav’s personal training sessions and nutrition coaching have helped many male and female clients achieve their goals for fitness and physique / figure transformation over the years in Dubai, in India and online around the world.

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Abhinav Malhotra - Dubai Fit Awards 2019 - Top Personal Trainer of UAE Dubai - Get Fit Now


Train SF, Dubai Mall

Iron Street Gym, Garhoud

AB Fitness, Port Rashid

5 Palm, JVC


A glimpse of clients achieving their muscle gain, fat loss & physique / figure goals with Abhinav



What clients say about Abhinav Malhotra, an award-winning personal fitness trainer in Dubai & all of UAE

Abhinav in brief

Abhinav Malhotra is an award-winning personal trainer, coach and sports nutritionist in Dubai, UAE and also offers online services to clients around the world.

A personal trainer par excellence, Abhinav has worked with the world’s leading fitness chains, supplement brands and founded his own fitness academy in India.

He has achieved successes for many clients from all backgrounds and has trained the Indian Army Rugby Team. He is the first International Kettlebell Sport athlete from India.

Awards & Recognitions

  • Awarded the UAE Personal Trainer of the Year (Silver) in 2019
  • Nominated Best Personal Trainer in UAE – 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 – 4 years in a row
  • Titled the first and only ‘Elite Master Trainer’ for Fitness First Middle East
  • Made multiple radio appearances on popular channels in UAE
  • Written fitness columns for popular newspapers and magazines in UAE
  • Presented various seminars at different platforms in the last 4 years in Dubai
  • Was the Master Trainer & Athlete for the world’s leading supplement brand – Optimum Nutrition while he was in India
  • 1st ever International Kettlebell Sport (Girevoy Sport) athlete from India, participated and won a medal in Hong Kong Open Kettlebell Sport Championship in July 2012, when Kettlebell was still an alien tool in INDIA
  • Was an educator at ANYTIME FITNESS INDIA, OPTIMUM NUTRITION INDIA and a former Master Coach in his own academy – Ballistic Kettlebell Fitness Academy for which he travelled pan-India to deliver certification courses, workshops and seminars on training, sports nutrition & supplementation
FIT AWARDS 2019 Dubai UAE - Personal Trainer of the Year - Male - Silver - Abhinav Malhotra AbhiFit
FIT AWARDS 2018 Dubai UAE - Top 10 Personal Trainer of the Year - Fitness First Special Recognition - Abhinav Malhotra AbhiFit


Abhinav runs his own Personal Training enterprise by the name AbhiFit Personal Training & Nutrition Coaching Services.

He provides the best personal training services in Dubai with his team of expert personal trainers under his brand AbhiFit.

He and his team of experts provide high-quality science-based Personal Training & Online Coaching services for all goals ranging from fat loss, muscle and strength gain, athletic performance, medical conditions and injury rehabilitation.

Abhinav Malhotra in Dubai is the Top 8 Personal Trainer in UAE by FIT AWARDS 2020

AbhiFit Services

When your goal is to look, feel and perform your best then you need a personal trainer who has achieved great success over the years with a large variety of clients. You are at the right place if you're looking for the best!

Nutrition Plan

Get your custom designed nutrition plan for any goal that you have – Fat loss, Muscle gain, Athletic performance or Improving health conditions.


Fat Loss Program

Get the fastest fat loss by combining the correct training plan with the correct nutrition and supplementation plan by highly-experienced Abhinav Malhotra the best personal trainer in UAE.


Athlete Program

Are you an athlete and want to improve your sport to the next level? Get sport-specific periodized training by the best personal trainer in Dubai, UAE.


Rehab Program

Suffering from knee, back or shoulder pain? Coming after an ACL surgery? What you need is good rehab work with the best personal trainer progressing into strength training to bullet proof you from future injuries.


Strength Program

Improve your overall strength or get big numbers in Power-Lifting with best personalized strength training by Dubai’s best personal trainer.


Health Program

Suffering from medical conditions like diabetes, PCOS, high blood pressure, gut issues etc.? Put your health right back on track with best personalized training, nutrition, sleep & stress management practices.


Kids Fitness & Strength

Exercise & sports are an important part of childhood. Children who establish regular exercise habits will ideally continue them into adulthood. There is a growing body of evidence that resistance training is a foundation of long-term physical development. Also, the children and youth with low levels of muscular fitness tend to become weak adults who are at increased risk for functional limitations and adverse health outcomes.

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Best Online Personal Coaching

Can’t get trained personally by Abhinav Malhotra? Go for online coaching! Abhinav has held the prestigious titles of Top Personal Trainer 2019 in UAE (Dubai & All Emirates) and of ex-Elite Master Personal Trainer at Fitness First Middle East. Benefits include:

Personalized training program
Personalized nutrition plans
Supplementation advice
Sleep and stress management practices
Motivation & accountability
24/7 Support on email / WhatsApp
Weekly check ins to monitor progress
Train with the best personal trainer in UAE

More About Abhinav & AbhiFit

Abhinav Malhotra is one of the most sought after fitness consultants & personal trainer in Dubai.

Abhinav has been a member of the “Panel of Experts” by FRIDAY MAGAZINE (Gulf News) where he has regularly written answers to fitness queries by the readers in “ASK THE EXPERTS” column. He is also a regular columnist for BETTER HEALTH magazine by Dubai Health Authority.

AbhiFit means Get Fit Now and it is Abhinav’s brand to make people achieve their fitness goals.

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