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Abhinav Malhotra is rated as The Best Personal Trainer in UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi and all Emirates) as per Fit Awards 2019 (The biggest health & fitness award show of Middle East).

Abhinav is a Fitness and Nutrition Coach currently working with Fitness First, Dubai.

His specialization includes fitness & nutrition education, fat loss, athletic strength & conditioning, rehab for back pain, exercise referral specialist and kettlebell master trainer.

His online client base spans across many countries where he has worked with all kinds of clients like athletes, bodybuilders, obese/diabetics and special population.

Currently, Abhinav holds the highest status of a Master Trainer in Fitness First, Middle East.

On The Panel of Experts, A Columnist & More... Best Fitness Trainer in UAE

He is also a member of “Panel of Experts” by FRIDAY MAGAZINE (Gulf News) where he regularly writes answers to fitness queries by the readers in “ASK THE EXPERTS” column.

He is also a regular columnist for BETTER HEALTH magazine by Dubai Health Authority.

His mastery in strength training, kettlebell training, nutrition, rehab and special population makes him one of the most sought after fitness consultants & personal trainer in Dubai.

Abhinav is a motivator who emphasizes the need for a healthy lifestyle in a fast paced city like Dubai where the quick fix solutions are dime a dozen.  And the healthy way does not necessarily involve joining a gym alone especially with many fancy names around but also making changes in the way you approach your everyday chores, the food that you consume and choosing the right exercise regimen.

Abhinav excels in providing education to clients on the diet that is based on body composition and health status and then customizing the training program.

About Abhinav Malhotra Work Highlights

* Highest Status of Master Trainer at Fitness First Middle East.

* Former Master Trainer & Athlete of OPTIMUM NUTRITION.

* Sports Nutritionist and an International Kettlebell Sport Athlete.


Recent Highlight: A client was suffering from obesity and all kinds of metabolic problems and dropped 12% body fat and gained lean muscle, strength and energy levels. (No fat burners were used during this process).

Abhinav welcomes people in Dubai and around the world (online) to contact him who’re looking for professional assistance to improve their fitness.

His work in the city has been widely appreciated, and he has made remarkable differences with many clients, who had lifestyle diseases. And most of them are leading a happy healthy life in the city making the right choices. His social media followers are many and it is a strong testament to his acceptance.

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