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PT Success for an MS Patient in Dubai

Before we share what is Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and how exercise and personal training can critically help in MS, please see below our short video of the success being achieved by our personal training client an MS patient in Dubai.

What is Multiple Sclerosis?

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is the most common acquired chronic neurological disease affecting young adults, often diagnosed between the ages of 20 to 40 and it affects three times more women than men. There’s currently no cure for MS.

There is no known single cause of MS, however, many genetic and environmental factors have been shown to contribute to its development.

In MS, the body’s own immune system mistakenly attacks and damages the fatty material – called myelin – around the nerves. Myelin is important for protecting and insulating nerves so that the electrical messages that the brain sends to the rest of the body, travel quickly and efficiently.

As the myelin breaks down during a MS attack – a process called demyelination – patches of nerves become exposed and then scarred, which render the nerves unable to communicate messages properly and at risk of subsequent degeneration. This means that the brain cannot talk to other parts of the body, resulting in a range of symptoms that can include a loss of motor function (ex. walking, hand and arm function), impaired coordination, loss of sensation, pain, fatigue, vision changes and changes to thinking and memory.

The symptoms, severity and duration can vary from person to person. Some people may be symptom free for most of their lives, while others can have severe, chronic symptoms that never go away.

MS symptoms can be experienced in different parts of the body, depending on which part of the brain, optic nerve or spinal cord is affected. Some symptoms of MS are invisible, meaning people can’t visibly see that someone is experiencing a symptom.

Why is Exercise Important for Multiple Sclerosis?

There is substantial evidence for the benefits of exercise training in people with Multiple Sclerosis.

Exercise is always important for good health. What makes it especially important for patients with MS? Diana Duda, PT, DPT, MSCS, Center Coordinator of Clinical Education at Rittenhouse and PAH Outpatient at Penn Medicine says that regular, moderate physical exercise is good for the body, mind, and mood—and this is very true for patients with MS. When you have MS and you exercise, it can improve your fitness, endurance, and strength in your arms and legs.

Studies have shown that this can also give you better control over your bowel and bladder function and it can decrease your overall fatigue. And it can also give your mood a boost.

Exercise has been shown to increase neurogenesis, i.e. making of new neurons (nerve cells) in the brain. So essentially we can actually develop a new neural network through regular exercise which can lead to restoration of movement, strength and over all functions of the brain!

How does Personal Training Help a Multiple Sclerosis Patient?

Personal Training can play a critical role in helping people with Multiple Sclerosis manage their condition. Its benefits include strengthening the body, preventing symptoms from getting worse, and helping a person regain lost function.

Although disease-modifying treatments may slow disease progression, people living with MS may experience functional limitations from relapses and disease progression. Rehabilitation through Personal Training in Multiple Sclerosis involves strategies to improve or maintain function, prevent complications, and enhance overall quality of life.

It has been found that well-structured exercises done correctly has the potential to have an impact on Multiple Sclerosis pathology and thereby slow down the disease process in MS patients.

A qualified and well-experienced Personal Trainer structures progressive strength training, endurance training, cardio training and stretching as per the MS patient’s condition and helps the patient to do them with correct form, weights, counts, tempo, and intensity without any injuries. This done regularly brings high benefits to the MS patient.

Therefore, personal training is hugely beneficial in MS.

Please contact me to learn what I and my team AbhiFit in Dubai can do for you or anyone who you know who might be suffering from Multiple Sclerosis.

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Many female and male clients including kids, teens, adults and elderly people have greatly benefited from Abhinav’s strong experience as the best personal trainer and nutritionist in Dubai, UAE. You can see some of our client transformations here.

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