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Boosting Immunity through Diet and Exercise

Maybe I’m a bit late to write this but thought of expressing my dietary and training guidelines specially for the purpose of keeping your immunity intact during this period.

2 cents from my side based on my little wisdom and knowledge:

✅ Keep your protein consumption optimal. All immune cells and anti-bodies are made of protein. Have all first class sources of proteins. Whey protein specially has therapeutic properties with presence of Immunoglobins , Lactoferrins and Glycomacropeptides – all responsible for immunity and preventing bacterial and viral infections.

✅ Dont drop your dietary fat too much. Specially they are important for absorption of fat-soluble vitamin D which is again helpful in boosting immunity.

✅ Fibres : Consume fibre through fruits and vegetables. Again helpful with gut microbiome – and thus helps with immunity.

✅ Vitamin C – I’m personally having atleast 2-3000mg everyday. There are mixed researches on additional supplementation with Vit C at such high dosages. But at this time, I would rather keep it high than low.

✅ Zinc – I prescribe zinc supplements to everyone in general. And now even more as it boosts immunity.

✅ Minimize junk and processed – Leads to inflammation and drops immunity

❌ Don’t extreme diet. And don’t drop your body fat levels too much (people who are aiming for chiseled ripped look, it’s not the best time to do it).

✅ Keep your training going. Whatever you can do, just do. Don’t stop completely. Exercise is proven to boost immunity in all studies.

✅ Sleep – this should be easy these days with everyone home

✅ Obese / Overweight people – specially have weaker immunity due to higher inflammation. Try and use this period to start exercising and eating mindfully. We have plenty of time with us and we are not busy like earlier.

Disclaimer :

No immunity will prevent against Coronavirus…But atleast can keep u away from common cold and flu freaking us out and reducing immunity further. By following general health guidelines, atleast there will less pressure on an already overburdened healthcare system during this time.

Boosting Immunity through Diet and Exercise - Dubai UAE Best Personal Fitness Trainer Abhinav MalhotraDubai Best Personal Fitness Trainer and Nutrition Coach Abhinav Malhotra - What You Eat Makes What You Become

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