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Caffeine in Workout Supplements, Energy Drinks, Coffees, Teas, Sodas, Waters, Desserts, Snacks & More

Workout SupplementServing SizeCaffeine (mg)
ABB Speed Stacked Pumpedbottle300
About Time AUXscoop60
BANG Energy Drinkcan300
Hyde Power Potioncan350
BPI B4capsule300
Adrenaline Shoccan300
BSN Endo Rushscoop300
Celsius Heatcan300
BSN N.O. Xplode 2.0scoop275
Reign Total Body Fuelcan300
Rockstar Xdurancecan300
Speed Stackbottle250
C4 Performance Energy Drinkcan200
Cellucor C4 Extremescoop200
Cellucor C4 Pre-Workoutscoop150
Cellucor C4 Rippedscoop150
Nitro Surgescoop180
Insane labs Psychoticscoop300
Promix Pscoop200
Evolution Nutrition ENGNscoop300
Naked Energy Pre-workoutscoop200
DyNo by RSP Nutritionscoop300
EndurElite PerformElitescoop225
Vintage Blast Pre-workoutscoop250
GAT Nitraflexscoop325
GNC Hyper-Rippedscoop150
Legion Pulse2 scoops350
IdealLean Pre-Workoutscoop150
iForce Maximize Intensescoop200
Beyond Raw LITscoop250
Six Star Explosionscoop135
Mr. Hyde Iconscoop250
Mr. Hyde by Pro Suppsscoop196
Mr. Hyde Nitro Xscoop375
Muscle Marinadescoop300
Muscle Pharm Assaultscoop250
MuscleTech Neurocorescoop110
Transparent Labs Leanscoop180
NANO Vaporx5 scoop190
RARI Nutrition Infinityscoop350
Octane Energy/Sports Drinkscoop225
ON Gold Standard Preworkoutscoop175
ON AMIN.O. Energy2 scoops100
Oxyelite Procapsule100
Pre JYMscoop300
Redline RTDbottle250
Cobra Labs The Cursescoop155
Recon1 Total Warscoop350
Nutrex Research Outliftscoop350
Jesse’s WakeUp Barbar350
Energy DrinksServing SizeCaffeine (mg)
Adrenaline Shoc16 oz.300
Bang16 oz.300
Redline Cognitive Candy12 oz.300
Redline Max 300 7-Hour Energy Boost2.5 oz.300
5-hour Energy Extra Strength1.9 oz.230
Starbucks Tripleshot Energy15 oz.225
5-hour Energy Regular Strength1.9 oz.200
5-hour Tea1.9 oz.200
Full Throttle Energy Drink16 oz.160
Monster Energy16 oz.160
NOS16 oz.160
Rockstar Original Energy Drink16 oz.160
Venom Energy—low calorie or regular16 oz.160
Mountain Dew Amp Original16 oz.142
Starbucks Doubleshot Energy15 oz.135
Zevia Energy12 oz.120
Coca-Cola Energy—regular or zero sugar12 oz.114
Steaz Energy12 oz.100
Mountain Dew Amp Game Fuel—regular or zero16 oz.90
Mountain Dew Kickstart Original Dew16 oz.90
Red Bull—regular or sugar-free8.4 oz.80
V8 +Energy8 oz.80
V8 Sparkling +Energy11.5 oz.80
Ocean Spray Cran-Energy10 oz.75
Coffee & Tea Drinks (Coffee Shops)Serving Size Caffeine (mg)
Starbucks Coffee, Pike Place Roastventi, 20 oz.410
Starbucks Coffee, Blonde Roastgrande, 16 oz.360
Starbucks Coffee, Pike Place Roastgrande, 16 oz.310
Dunkin’ Coffeelarge, 20 oz.270
Starbucks Coffee, Dark Roastgrande, 16 oz.260
Starbucks Caffè Americanogrande, 16 oz.225
Dunkin’ Coffeemedium, 14 oz.210
Starbucks Caffè Mocha—hot or icedgrande, 16 oz.175
Dunkin’—Latte or Cappuccinomedium, 14 oz.166
Starbucks Espressodoppio, 1.5 oz.150
Starbucks—Caffè Latte or Cappuccinogrande, 16 oz.150
Starbucks Chai Latte—hot or icedgrande, 16 oz.95
Starbucks Coffee Frappuccinogrande, 16 oz.95
Starbucks Matcha Green Tea Latte—hot or icedgrande, 16 oz.80
Starbucks Decaf Coffee, Pike Place Roastgrande, 16 oz.25
Coffee Drinks (Bottles & Cans)Serving Size Caffeine (mg)
Death Wish Coffee Co. Unsweetened Cold Brew8 oz.300
High Brew Nitro Black Cold Brew10 oz.200
Starbucks Black Unsweet Cold Brew12 oz.195
La Colombe Triple Shot Draft Latte9 oz.175
Starbucks Vanilla Latte Chilled Espresso Beverage12 oz.125
La Colombe Draft Latte—Double Shot or Oatmilk9 oz.120
Starbucks Doubleshot Espresso & Cream6.5 oz.120
Starbucks Coffee Frappuccino13.7 oz.110
Starbucks Mocha Frappuccino13.7 oz.105
Chameleon Organic Cold-Brew Original Oat Milk Latte12 oz.100
Silk Espresso Almond & Oat Latte12 oz.95
Starbucks Coffee Frappuccino9.5 oz.75
Coffee & Espresso (Ground)Serving Size Caffeine (mg)
Death Wish Coffee Co. Instant Coffee1 packet, makes 8 oz.300
Folgers Classic Roast2 Tbs., makes 12 oz.120–160
Keurig K-Cup, most varieties1 pod, makes 8 oz.75–150
Nespresso Original Kazaar1 capsule125
Nespresso Original Lungo varieties1 capsule77–85
Folgers 1/2 Caff2 Tbs., makes 12 oz.60–80
Nespresso Original—except Kazaar or Lungo1 capsule55–65
Folgers Classic Decaf2 Tbs., makes 12 oz.2–8
Tea Drinks (Bottles & Bags)Serving Size Caffeine (mg)
Brew Dr. Uplift Yerba Mate16 oz.150
Health-Ade Plus Energy Kombucha16 oz.120
Celestial Seasonings Energy Tea, green or black1 bag, brewed95
Honest T Organic Honey Green Tea16.9 oz.94
Honest T Organic Just Black Tea16.9 oz.86
Pure Leaf Unsweetened Black Tea16.9 oz.77
KeVita Master Brew Kombucha15.2 oz.68
Celestial Seasonings English Breakfast Tea1 bag, brewed60
Yoga Pure Green Tea1 bag, brewed58
Lipton Black Tea1 bag, brewed55
Gold Peak Unsweetened Tea18.5 oz.47
Honest T Organic Half Tea & Half Lemonade16.9 oz.46
Pure Leaf Honey Green Tea16.9 oz.45
Tazo Organic Iced Black Tea13.8 oz.31–45
Snapple Lemon Tea16 oz.37
Celestial Seasonings Authentic Green Tea1 bag, brewed35
Lipton Lemon Iced Tea16.9 oz.21
GT’s Synergy Raw Kombucha16 oz.8–16
Health-Ade Kombucha—except Plus Energy16 oz.5–15
Brew Dr. Kombucha14 oz.less than 15
Lipton Decaffeinated Black Tea1 bag, brewedless than 5
Herbal tea1 bag, brewed0
Soft DrinksServing Size Caffeine (mg)
Pepsi Zero Sugar12 oz.69
Surge16 oz.68
Zevia Mountain Zevia12 oz.55
Mountain Dew—diet or regular12 oz.54
Diet Coke12 oz.46
Zevia Cola12 oz.45
Zevia Dr. Zevia12 oz.42
Dr Pepper—diet or regular12 oz.41
Zevia Cherry Cola12 oz.38
Pepsi—diet or regular12 oz.35–38
Coca-Cola—regular or zero sugar12 oz.34
Pepsi True10 oz.32
Barq’s Root Beer12 oz.22
Sunkist—diet or regular12 oz.19
7-Up, Fresca, or Sprite12 oz.0
A&W Root Beer—diet or regular12 oz.0
Fanta Orange12 oz.0
Ginger ale, most brands12 oz.0
Mug Root Beer—diet or regular12 oz.0
Stewart's Orange 'n Cream—diet or regular12 oz.0
Stewart's Root Beer—diet or regular12 oz.0
Caffeinated Waters & Other BeveragesServing Size Caffeine (mg)
Hydrant—Lemon, Orange, or Raspberry Lemonade0.3 oz. packet, makes 8–16 oz.100
Phocus Caffeinated Sparkling Water11.5 oz.75
Water Joe20 oz.70
Kellogg's Special K Protein Shake—Chocolate Mocha or Vanilla Cappuccino10 oz.65
MiO Energy1/2 tsp. squeeze, makes 8 oz.60
Bai Antioxidant Infusion18 oz.55
Chirp Sparkling Energy Water12 oz.50
Starbucks Refreshers, can12 oz.50
Vitaminwater Energy Tropical Citrus20 oz.50
Nuun Sport +Caffeine1 tablet, makes 16 oz.40
Nuun Vitamins +Caffeine1 tablet, makes 16 oz.40
Bubly Bounce Caffeinated Sparkling Water12 oz.35
AHA Black Cherry + Coffee Sparkling Water12 oz.30
AHA Citrus + Green Tea Sparkling Water12 oz.30
Chocolate, Ice Cream & YogurtServing Size Caffeine (mg)
Ben & Jerry’s Brewed to Matter Ice Cream2/3 cup66
Ben & Jerry’s Coffee, Coffee BuzzBuzzBuzz! Ice Cream2/3 cup65
Dannon Lowfat Coffee Yogurt5.3 oz.40
Häagen-Dazs Heaven Cold Brew Espresso Chip Ice Cream2/3 cup30
Breyers Coffee Frozen Dairy Dessert2/3 cup20
Hershey’s Special Dark Chocolate Bar1 bar, 1.4 oz.20
Dreyer’s or Edy’s Slow Churned Coffee Ice Cream2/3 cup14
Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Bar1 bar, 1.5 oz.9
Hershey’s Cocoa powder1 Tbs.5
Chobani Coffee & Cream Greek Yogurt5.3 oz.3
Swiss Miss Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa Mix1 packet1–3
Brown Cow Coffee Whole Milk Yogurt5.3 oz.1
Talenti Coffee Chocolate Chip Gelato2/3 cup0
Caffeinated Snacks, Gels & GumServing Size Caffeine (mg)
Clif Shot Energy Gel—Chocolate Cherry or Double Expresso1 packet100
Run Gum Extra Strength Energy Gum1 piece100
Eat Your Coffee Caffeinated Snack Bar1.6 oz. bar80
Clif Shot Energy Gel—Mocha1 packet50
Jelly Belly Extreme Sport Beans1 oz.50
Run Gum Energy Gum1 piece50
Skratch Labs Sport Energy Chews—Sour Cherry1.8 oz. packet50
Gu Energy Gel—Caramel Macchiato, Cola, Espresso Love, or Jet Blackberry1 packet40
G Endurance Energy Gel with Caffeine1 packet30
Clif Shot Energy Gel—Citrus or Strawberry1 packet25
Gu Energy Gel—Chocolate Outrage, Mandarin Orange, Mint Chocolate, Salted Caramel, Salted Watermelon, Tastefully Nude, Tri-Berry, or Vanilla Bean1 packet20
Gu Energy Stroopwafel—Caramel Coffee1.1 oz.20
Skratch Labs Sport Energy Chews—Matcha Green Tea & Lemon1.8 oz. packet6
Over-the-Counter Pills & SupplementsServing SizeCaffeine (mg)
Hydroxycut Hardcore2 capsules270
Hydroxycut Platinum2 capsules200
Jet-Alert Double Strength1 caplet200
NoDoz1 caplet200
Vivarin1 tablet200
Zantrex Red2 capsules200
Excedrin Migraine2 caplets or geltabs130
Excedrin Tension Headache2 caplets130
Pamprin Max Pain + Energy2 caplets130
Blowfish for Hangovers2 tablets120
Midol Complete2 caplets120
Jet-Alert Regular Strength1 tablet100

Please note that we’ve taken all this data from sources mentioned below. This article’s goal is to give you all this data on a single webpage in multiple well-laid tables which can be searched and sorted by you. Please check the items yourself before consuming them to confirm these values are correct.

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