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How To Manage Weight During Diwali Festivities

Diwali – a festival of celebrations is all about lights, friends, family and food. It is a time of year that weighs heavy on our diet and if you do not manage your weight, it may even result in a substantial amount of weight gain.

Celebrate Diwali but avoid overindulging and cut down the consumed calories using the following healthy tips:

1. Don’t give in too much to your sweet tooth

Sweets with loads of ghee, sugar and dairy items are full of calories. Caramelized nuts and chocolates filled with dry fruits too are loaded with calories. If you’ll indulge excessively then that’ll certainly exceed well your daily calorie intake requirement. We aren’t recommending to not have sweets entirely during the festive season but to stick to a limited amount and that keep a conscious track of the calories consumed in a day.

2. Avoid high caloric snacking

Not only sweets but even salty snacks are readily available at homes and parties during the festivals. These snacks are loaded with fat and calories. Be watchful of eating high-caloric foods with low nutrient value during this time. If you need a snack then opt for healthier options by checking nutrition labels (you can search online) against your daily calorie requirement. You can also read my article on understanding nutrition labels link.

3. Think before you drink

Diwali is synonymous with parties. Before you raise your glass, remember alcohol is made by fermenting sugar and starch, so being high on alcohol is equivalent to being high on sugars and calories. Additionally, too much alcohol intake can cause dehydration and promotes fat storage. Alternating alcoholic drinks with glasses of water and other beverages helps in cutting down on alcohol. You can also read my article on alcohol & weight loss link.

Limit your intake of high-calorie beverages such as packed juices, soda and other high in calorie beverages that can contribute a significant amount of sugar and calories to your diet and which can lead to weight gain. Check the nutrition labels and keep your daily calorie requirement in mind before drinking.

4. Stay hydrated

Drinking water at short intervals will keep you feeling full and which will prevent you from overeating and help you to limit your alcohol and high-calorie beverage intake.

5. Practice portion control

The sight of a festive feast can challenge even those most dedicated to their diets. Manage how much you eat at a feast. Start by choosing a small plate to serve yourself – studies have shown that large plates lead to overeating, Use your judgment to fill your plate with a reasonable amount of food. You can also read my article on the guidelines for eating out link.

6. Eat before you head out

Eating before going out ensures that you won’t reach out for every tempting food that comes your way. The trick is not to turn up starving – choose something healthy and filling and you’ll find it easier to exercise self-control.

7. Focus on Fiber

Fill your plate more with fibers. Fiber keeps you satisfied on a low amount of calories. Increase your consumption of veggies, legumes and whole grains. You can also read my article on the importance of fiber link.

8. Stay active and don’t forget to workout

During festivals, it is tempting to sit with your family and spend time chit-chatting. However, don’t forget to work out or at least go for walks. It is important to burn the calories that you consume. You can switch your timing if needed such as work out in the morning when everyone is asleep. Take time out for the gym or at least walking. You can also read my article on the power of 10k steps & weight loss link.

Indulge in your favorite food but in moderation this festive season!
Don’t forget to workout.

Celebrate! Happy Diwali!

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