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Personal Trainer for Fat Loss in Dubai & Online

If you work a lot and don’t get enough time to exercise and eat right then just think about the cost of gaining fat and becoming overweight and obese.

People who have obesity, compared to those with a normal or healthy weight, are at increased risk for many serious diseases and health conditions, including all-causes of death (mortality), high blood pressure (hypertension), Type 2 diabetes, coronary heart disease, stroke, gallbladder disease, osteoarthritis (a breakdown of cartilage and bone within a joint), sleep apnea and breathing problems, many types of cancer, low quality of life, mental illness such as clinical depression, anxiety, and other mental disorders, body pain and difficulty with physical functioning. Source

Unlike the common belief that one needs to exercise a lot and avoid delicious food, one can keep their fat low and also gain muscles to achieve an attractive physical appearance by working out a limited time and managing one’s diet in a way to also enjoy eating what one likes.

When time is of essence and one wants the best outcomes then hiring the right personal trainer can immediately bring in a vast amount of knowledge and experience related to exercising and nutrition. Moreover, a good personal trainer can become a motivator to keep fat loss and physical transformation progress on track and can assist in doing resistance-based exercises to maximize the gains in the same duration of exercise.

A secret unknown to many people is that proper strength training to build muscles not only reduces fat in the short term but also reduces fat on an ongoing basis for the longer term.

If you’re keen on losing fat, building muscles and gaining a more attractive physical appearance then start a conversation with Abhinav Malhotra the best personal trainer of UAE recognized by FIT AWARDS 2019.

Abhinav is easily accessible to be your personal trainer if you’re in Dubai Design District, Downtown Dubai, District One, DIFC, Dubai Festival City, Dubai Mall, Al Badia, Al Satwa, Garhoud, Nad al Hamar or Business Bay. You can read more about him as an award-winning personal trainer of UAE here.

Abhinav has personally trained many male and female clients to achieve their fitness and physique / figure goals over several years in Dubai and before that also in India.

Abhinav has successfully personally trained with great attention to detail his clients in rehab trying to regain physical mobility, strength and fitness after injury.

Abhinav has also trained the Indian Army before and he is equipped with vast knowledge and experience to maximize your personal training sessions.

Contact Abhinav about your conditions and what you’re looking for!

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Boosting Immunity through Diet and Exercise - Dubai UAE Best Personal Fitness Trainer Abhinav Malhotra

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Abhinav Malhotra

Abhinav Malhotra is an award-winning personal trainer, coach and sports nutritionist in Dubai, UAE. He also offers online services to clients around the world. A personal trainer par excellence, Abhi has worked with the world’s leading fitness chains, supplement brands and founded his own fitness academy in India. He has achieved successes for many clients from all backgrounds and has trained the Indian Army Rugby Team. He is the first International Kettlebell Sport athlete from India.

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