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How to Achieve Sustainable Weight Loss & The Power of 10k Steps

Healthy & Sustainable Way

When you plan to lose weight through calorie deficit then you need to lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way so that it continues to work till you reach your desired weight and it should be a way that you can maintain for the long term.

You should plan calorie deficit to lose 0.5 to one percent of your body weight per week. Don’t over-restrict your diet and calorie intake unnecessarily since this weekly goal might not require that high a calorie deficit. Additional regular physical activity outside of your strength training along with making some changes to your diet can help you to achieve your calorie deficit and weight loss goal well.

TDEE & The Power of 10k Steps

The energy (calories) that you burn during workouts is around 5% of TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure article with calculator link). The energy (calories) burnt outside of your workouts, eating or sleeping like from walking, fidgeting, typing, cooking and etc. is around 15% of TDEE.

If you can walk 10k steps per day then you can burn a lot of calories and don’t require an overly restrictive diet which might not be so feasible for the long term. You can start with fewer steps per day, however, you should keep growing this number however you can. There are devices which you can wear or carry to track your total steps count and which will help you to achieve your 10k steps per day goal.

This process is not so much about what to do and what not to in the short term but is a lot more about creating a healthier lifestyle for yourself for the long term.

Non-Workout Movement

You should try to add non-workout movement throughout the day whenever you can. For example, you can walk to the shops and other places, take the stairs than elevators / escalators, stand instead of sit like when talking on the phone, watching TV or working and do anything else which adds movement to your body instead of just sitting at a place.

How to Eat at Home & Outside

When it comes to food then try to eat at home whenever you can and that buy healthy ingredients including oils and everything else. Also, add more herbs and spices to your food as suitable for you to make your food more flavorful so that you feel more satisfied eating at home and don’t crave eating out as much. You can even try healthier recipes of your favorite meals and who knows that after a few tries, you’ll find that you cook better than what you eat outside.

And when you do want to eat out then go to the healthier places or select the healthier options from the menu. Also, see our guidelines for eating out here. It’s about a mindset and which you can develop for yourself with time and effort.

Plan Calorie Deficit Intelligently

Definitely don’t stop from treating yourself. You can eat what you like at least a little bit. However, search about or ask your personal trainer or nutritionist what are the healthier snacks and other delicious meals and places that you can try!

Carry your own healthy and delicious snacks that fit within your overall macros in the day when you go to work, gym or elsewhere so that you can have a treat when you want without overloading yourself with calories by eating out without a plan. You can follow the 80-20 rule which means 80% sticking to the strict meal plans and 20% treat meals still staying within the calories and total macros.

It’s really about being mindful and active throughout the day when it comes to your weight loss and body transformation goals and that you’ll see great results which you might not even imagine now.

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